Kevin Huerter's 518 Hoopfest is a free event for anyone to attend. The Hoopfest will include on-court games and competitions, giveaways, music, a cookout, and an autograph signing.

Any girl or boy between the ages of 6-17 that wishes to participate in on-court activities MUST pre-register. On-court activities are limited to a total of 120 girls and boys between the ages of 6-17.

Anyone who wishes to attend the event, but not participate in on-court activities can simply show up, no registration required.

All registrations completed before 11:59pm on Thursday, September 2nd will be entered into a lottery pool. On-court activity participants will be selected at random, and they will be notified via email before 11:59pm on Friday, September 3rd.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. Regardless of lottery results, we do hope you decide to attend our free event.
Release of Liability:
Being the natural parent/legal guardian of the previously-mentioned participant, I do consent to his/her participation in Kevin Huerter’s 518 Hoopfest. I know of no medical reason prohibiting my child from participating in Kevin Huerter’s 518 Hoopfest. I am aware that any exercise program, even supervised moderate exercise, bears some risk to the participant’s health.

I have made my child aware that physical activity will occur at Kevin Huerter’s 518 Hoopfest and that under no circumstances should they be exercising or playing if they feel light headed, or sick in any way, or have developed a cramp or injury. They will notify the staff of any allergies, sickness, or injury preventing them from continuing.

I understand that the Hoopfest hours outlined in the brochure and/or webpage are subject to change. I bear the responsibility of transporting my child to and from the Hoopfest and I also understand that the Hoopfest is not responsible for my child outside of Hoopfest hours. Furthermore, the Hoopfest accepts absolutely no responsibility for making sure an appropriate party picks up my child.

I hereby release Kevin Huerter, the Kevin Huerter Foundation, the Town of Clifton Park, and employees, agents, or independent contractors of any liability and/or negligence claims resulting from my child’s participation in Kevin Huerter’s 518 Hoopfest.
Contact Agreements:
I agree to be notified via email about updates/changes to the 518 Hoopfest
I agree to be notified via email about my child's status in the lottery for on-court activities
Thank you for your interest in attending Kevin Huerter's 518 Hoopfest! You have successfully submitted your registration.

A confirmation email containing relevant information will be sent to
Information about the Participant:
Information about the Participant's Legal Guardian:

I have read the above and understand that completing the remainder of this registration is not a guarantee of me or my child's participation
I have read and agree to the terms of the above liability waiver

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